i love lowercase letters, craft beer, and the great outdoors.

i strongly dislike lidded cups.

i am a loyal, though ill-informed, Wisconsin sports fan.

i read Animal Farm backwards. (chapter 13, then chapter 12, then 11, 10, ...)

i truly love working with words, and the art of
crafting a story.


i find words really fascinating. words are fundamental to nearly everything we do—they are the building blocks of basic communication, a form of art, and an outlet of personal expression. i get some level of gratification from the thought that most of us can't architect a bridge, compose a symphony, or paint a masterpiece, but virtually all of us can express ourselves through words. it’s all in how we use them.

over several formative years of working for branding and PR firms, i developed a knack for establishing a strong brand voice and carrying that voice consistently through all forms of communication to create a cohesive brand experience. building on that experience, i emphasize storytelling to engage an audience, whether it's a three-word headline or a two thousand-word essay.

from tommy mccracken to thomas e. 

i grew up roaming the boundless forest of Northern Wisconsin with my two brothers and two sisters. we had everything—snowmobiles, dirt bikes, go carts, a basketball court in the summer and a hockey rink in the winter. and the greatest parents in the history of parents. 

words have always been my thing.

i cut my teeth on abridged versions of American classics like Moby Dick, Treasure Island, and Oliver Twist. i learned sarcasm from Calvin & Hobbes and self-deprecation from Dave Barry. while other kids sketched the Air Jordan logo, i penned taglines on t-shirts with a Sharpie. i wrote stories about a prizefighter in an underground circuit and sold copies to my ever-encouraging parents for a quarter apiece. (thankfully they have yet to seek repayment on that investment.)

i submitted short stories to newspapers, editorials to magazines, and fan letters to my favorite brands.

after high school, i spent 9 months at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee before departing on a multi-year endeavor i’d like to call a coming-of-age adventure, though i admit that’s a bit romanticized. my wanderings found me working retail in Los Angeles (on two separate occasions), and bartending in Wellfleet, Massachusetts—out on ye old Cape Cod. thankfully i navigated my way relatively unscathed through that era of life, and returned to school at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point (go Pointers!), eventually graduating with a BA in communication in 2009. these days i split my time between East Coast brine, West Coast hops, and Midwest family—stockpiling Alaska Airlines miles and scheming all the places i'll use them to visit someday.

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