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writing for email, paid social, campaign landing pages, product pages, and seo footers
internal // north america brand design team
messaging direction:
mandy savage

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 16.55.34.png landing page takeover
on february 3 of 2019, a professional football team from the east coast beat a professional football team from the west coast in a very important professional football game. i can’t get any more specific, but adidas had an athlete on each team, so i wrote congratulatory head/subhead combos for each to take over the homepage masthead spot.

see the animation here —>

adidas nhl campaign landing page (click right for x3 carousel)
i created three archetypes to categorize six adidas athletes by style of play (two per), then developed copy for each archetype. i also wrote seo footer copy for product landing pages relating to each archetype, speaking to training and performance gear associated with the athletes.

seo footer copy

similar to the nhl hockey treatment, we did a campaign landing page and product landing pages featuring each of the adidas baseball players. i concepted the terminology to classify each player by style and created seo footers for each player’s plp—like this one for carlos correa.

the black friday and cyber monday holiday campaign pages saw a 66% increase in traffic year-over-year, with no SEO footer copy in 2017 and my seo footer copy in place for the 2018 holiday season.

who knew there would be this much to say about men’s shoes 🤷🏼‍♂️

my “green shoes” seo footer copy helped propel adidas north america to victory in a friendly head-to-head competition with adidas europe. the category was arbitrary but the results were undeniable. both markets saw increases in traffic to these “green shoes” pages over other pages, and the copy i created for north america outperformed the copy created by the adidas global headquarters team in germany… just saying.