Bob's Red Mill
campaign concepting, ad concepting and writing, script writing, etc.
Grady Britton
creative direction:
Andy Askren

Bob's Red Mill is the nation's leading miller of diverse whole grain foods, producing over 400 natural, certified organic, and gluten free products—from oatmeal to pancake mix to herbs and spices. Grady Britton does a lot of work for the brand, and they've brought me in on several projects to concept campaigns, create ads, write scripts, and more.

Heritage Radio Network Sponsorship & Sponsor Content Podcast
In the fall of 2016, Bob's began sponsoring Heritage Radio Network, a media platform of 40+ hosts, 39+ live-streaming weekly shows, and 7,000+ episodes of archived content featuring visionaries, tastemakers, and station-produced food news. I wrote several 2 minute preroll sponsor ads, 10 second midroll ads, and accompanying social media ad content, all driving to a landing page we created, which offered listeners coupon codes, recipes, and additional info about Bob's products. The sponsorship was so successful that we went on to create an 8-part podcast miniseries, which I titled "Fresh Pickings," looking into some of the whole grain foods that Bob's produces. Each episode is roughly 10 minutes long. I wrote outline scripts for each episode, for the HRN hosts to improvise from. I also wrote all the preroll, midroll, and social media ads touting the miniseries. And I wrote all the messaging for the Fresh Pickings landing page, which now hosts all the episodes (as they are released) in addition to the coupons and other info.

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Pitch Kits
Bob's Red Mill is constantly growing their line of products as tastes change, food allergens are identified, and more dietary choices become widely accepted. But before they can get new products into the hands of shoppers, they have to sell them to their retail partners. They've enlisted Grady Britton to create engaging and compelling presentations on why these products will bring customers into stores. I worked directly with Mike to concept and create the story and messaging for the entire unboxing experience for a couple of these products.


Bob's Red Mill Paleo Flour Pitch Kit
The Paleo lifestyle demands a strict diet centered around meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. Baking—not surprisingly—is one of the categories with the smallest range of Paleo options on the retail market. In response, Bob’s Red Mill created the first all-purpose baking flour that fits all those carefully calibrated Paleo specifications.

Mike and I built a Pitch Kit that we felt would resonate with our retail buyers, while also appropriately representing the Paleo customer. The kit includes an 11" x 17" poster illustrating the clean and wholesome ingredients used in the flour, 5 recipe cards for popular favorite baked goods (complete with headlines overlaying related imagery on the backs), and a color-consistent belly band holding all 5 cards together. (Featuring a fun line of copy because, why not?)

front of poster

reverse of poster

box schematic copy

reverse of pancake card (recipe 1 of 5)

belly band

Bob's Red Mill Muesli Pitch Kit // Fruit & Seed, Gluten Free Tropical, Paleo
European-style Muesli is a century-old whole grain cereal that can be eaten hot or cold. It's gained popularity in the United States over the last 50 years or so, and Bob’s Red Mill already has two best-selling mueslis in their lineup—Old Country Style and Gluten Free. Now they've created these 3 new flavors to satisfy the palates and dietary needs of even more Muesli lovers.

Mike and I built a Pitch Kit around the origin story of Muesli—a health food created by a doctor in the 1800s pastoral Swiss Alps. The kit includes a 4-page standard-sized newspaper and 3 postcards, all strapped appropriately into the underside of the lid of an "old world traveling valise" style cardboard box; complete with travel stickers outside and tacky pink-on-beige color scheme inside.

Each postcard highlights one of the three flavors of Muesli, with a fun English/Swiss-German phrase on the front that is "translated" within the product copy on the reverse.

The newspaper consist of front, back, and full-spread center pages. It features over 1,300 words of headlines, stories, and a full-spread Bob's ad in the center, all of which I concepted and wrote. The copy ranges from endearing whimsy (see postcards), to transparent naivety (see instructions for resealable packaging), to shameless self-promotion (see center page ad). But it's all fun and lighthearted—even the semi-secret easter eggs.

newspaper back

newspaper front

newspaper full-spread center page

box inside

box exterior travel stickers

Paleo postcard front

Paleo postcard reverse

tropical postcard front

tropical postcard reverse

fruit & seed postcard front

fruit & seed postcard reverse