campaign concepts
occasionally i'm brought in just to help concept a high-level campaign, whether it's for a new business pitch, a brand launch, or an existing client looking to refresh their messaging.

firsthand supply // designs by parker // spring 18
people matter. make stuff that matters.
first hand supply is a fun brand with a playful voice and altruistic values. they believe in honest ingredients, ethical production, and putting people first in everything they do. i composed this brand line to reflect those values.

a takedown of the line featured on fhs apparel

duckworth boats // fish marketing // spring 17
for every dream, there’s a duckworth
along with a website refresh, Duckworth needed a campaign line that was inclusive to all income levels, yet exclusive enough to feel worth paying the sticker price to become part of a distinguished group.

columbia helicopters // alder agency // fall 16
far beyond flight
Columbia is a rare breed in that they don't just fly the most technical, challenging, and often dangerous helicopter missions in the world, they're also an industry leader of helicopter maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The company's voice is confident but not boastful, while their expertise is deep and expansive. I concepted this campaign line to communicate that.

enroll oregon // grady britton // winter 17
play safe, oregon.
this is a mockup of an ooh campaign for Oregon's annual enrollment effort. the concept celebrates the natural beauty of the state and the active outdoor community that makes up most of the target audience with a cheeky nod to the sometimes not-so-safe pastimes they get up to.

peci // alder agency & co. // winter 17
leep - local energy exchange program
this energy-saving campaign was to be deployed through schools, so it needed a name with a kid-friendly feel that was also inviting, positive, and aspirational, to get kids excited about telling their parents, and get parents excited about participating.

travel portland // grady britton // summer 17
let’s portland!
meeting planner specific campaign that needed to speak to the can-do attitude of the mp audience, and dovetail with the higher-level "You Can, In Portland" campaign that Travel Portland had recently launched with Wieden+Kennedy.

grovemade // studio paradise // spring 14
made the hard way
during a rebrand for our friends at Grovemade, we decided they needed a brand-positive campaign line that highlighted their meticulous by-hand process. we also wanted to give a nod to the team's snidely cathartic internal maxim, "making things is hard." this line rolled out just a few months before budweiser launched its “brewed the hard way” campaign in 2015, so i’m taking full inspirational credit for that. see more about this campaign on my Grovemade project page.