col heli

Columbia Helicopters
rebranding and ad campaign
Alder Agency & Co.
strategic direction:
Melanie Adamson

Columbia Helicopters (CHI) enlisted Alder Agency to help them bolster their industry credentials as a leader in Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul (MRO)—a sector they've lead in expertise and innovation for over 50 years, but have been less than effective in laying claim to. Melanie brought me in to write for the project, and we began meeting with team leads, interviewing employees, and touring the facilities to get a grasp on exactly what it means to be the "leader in MRO." Our team first overhauled their website, updating the functionality, refreshing the look and feel of the brand, and zeroing in on an appropriate tone of voice throughout all of their web copy. 

Next we were tasked with creating an ad campaign for 2016 that would start with print and drive traffic to their new website, impressing upon new and returning customers that CHI is the industry expert in MRO. I concepted the campaign "People Make it Possible," which hits directly on the differentiating factor that puts CHI miles ahead of the competition in expertise: their long-tenured workforce, which currently operates at an average of over 30 years of experience. We create short teaser stories for print and digital ads, with CTAs driving readers to the website for the full-length blog post.
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CHI landing page // 1 of 5 Core Values sliders

ad & blogpost #2 // Leo E. Keelan // Avionics Lead Technician

ad & blogpost #1 // Paul Leach // Director of Military Maintenance