Gerber Gear
branded content
messaging direction:
Lauren Easby

i work with Gerber on an ongoing basis to create original branded content for the Gerber blog. The pieces are designed to be informational yet engaging, and—most importantly—to resonate with Gerber's target demographic. 

see them all live on the Gerber Blog.

Gerber Giveback Spotlight

I was asked to create something honest, authentic, and feel-good, that also showcased Gerber's dedication to supporting many preservation groups and NPOs, one of which being Team Rubicon. I decided on an interview writeup that would offer a glimpse into a day in the life of an armed forces vet who is using her involvement with TR to transition back into civilian life, while still protecting and serving her country. I concepted interview questions and crafted responses into a feature-length blogpost that lends itself to becoming an entire series: the Gerber Giveback Spotlight.

5 Steps to the Gutless Method

Fair warning, this one is a little graphic. Feel free to skip the article, I promise not to be offended. 

The topic was assigned to me, a method of field dressing an animal—specifically an elk or deer—that is ... let's just say the process is cleaner than traditional field dressing, but the describing of it is just as messy. For this article I was given a 13-minute video to watch and boil down to 5 steps, creating a short how-to that builds brand equity through quality content, and gives hunting enthusiasts a quick read and an easy way to remember the efficient technique.

Billy's First Shot

This was maybe one of my favorite assignments ever. The team asked me for a story of some gun/knife/piece of equipment that's been passed down through generations in my own family. I shamelessly solicited stories from family members, and ultimately chose this one. Details, including some names, have been altered, but the intent remains intact.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.46.36 PM.png