rebrand and website redesign
freelance for department nyc
art direction:
peter baston

while doing a rebrand for grovemade, peter asked me to write a line that was concise, fun, and memorable for use as a hashtag and possibly more. i concepted the line "made the hard way" and it took on a life larger than we could have hoped. this line rolled out just a few months before budweiser launched its “brewed the hard way” campaign in 2015, so i’m taking full inspirational credit for that too.

i also worked directly with the grovemade team to establish a new brand tone of voice, create a manifesto, and execute the voice throughout the rest of their website content and collateral. 

made the hard way communicates grovemade's dedication to premium materials, and meticulous, by-hand process. it’s irrevocably grovemade, with no hint of arrogance or contrivance.

the line has since become a unifying thread, woven throughout the brand and appearing on their website, social media platforms, thank you cards, point of sale signage, and packaging. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.27.44 PM.png