product copy for Amazon pages
Cart Logic
messaging direction:
self directed

Wildfang is a female founded and women run clothier based in Portland, Oregon. the brand has a bold, disruptive, female-positive voice, describing themselves as "modern-day, female robin hoods ... liberating menswear one bowtie at a time." I was brought in by Cart Logic—whom they're partnering with—to create copy for their Amazon product pages. the copy needs to be informative and conversational, while also being SEO clever and keyword rich, and of course every word has to embody the bold personality of the brand. referencing keyword data spreadsheets provided by Cart Logic, i create product titles and bulleted benefits lists (as well as a backend description paragraph) that help make these items more searchable, without being overly wordy or blatantly pandering to search engine logic. the client has reported a dramatic increase in traffic to products that feature my copy, and we're currently working through the rest of their product library. these are just a few examples.